“The key to creating lasting memories is bringing an experience to life. From the authentic foods, decorations and activities, we make sure that your event provides guests with an unforgettable experience.”

¡Viva Events adds a new dimension to the standard music & culinary arts festival format. The concept of Vancouver Taco Week™ enhances the value for participating restaurants and would give customers an entirely unique experience, with each customer taking home a Passport Book full of restaurant advertisements and promotions, while allowing customers to journey through Vancouver in search of the best taco!
We provide local financial impact, (i.e. catering, general contractors, carpenters, electricians, building materials, supplies providers, police, fire control, insurance coverage, professional services, vehicle and equipment rental, waste control, etc.) ¡Viva Events™ is community oriented, and looks forward to enhancing the city with this cultural event.
As a community-conscious company, we embed local organizations, businesses, contractors and many individuals as workers and vendors, to help with our events. The local people of Vancouver are part of the festival!

Domingo Estrada Vancouver Taco Week

Event Producer, Domingo Estrada and Ron Rowan of ¡Viva Events™, have several years of festival production and promotion experience. ¡Viva Vancouver Latin Festival™ is in it’s 4th consecutive year, with this year encompassing the entire Esther Short Park for the Festival. Adding in the Launch Party of Vancouver Taco Week™, this year’s event is the largest one ever.

Ronald Rowan Vancouver Taco Week

Our company focuses on one large project at a time, and performs an intense daily medley of efforts, in what we are promising to be, the finest multi-day music & arts festival ever held in Vancouver. Surveys show resoundingly, that people in the general region welcome and need this event.
¡Viva Events™ benefit non-profit organizations with a percentage of profits going to a selected charity.